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Dear Sister,

My deepest desire is for you to be the healer of your own life. To find peace and joy within.

I desire for every woman to have access to her self-healing – to know her body and soul are wise and to learn how to listen to them. I desire for every woman to have access to her soul’s wisdom, to her heart’s desires, to transforming emotions.  I desire for every woman to thrive and feel so joyous and filled up that her overflow of radiant energy pours out onto our world. 

I envision a woman who trusts herself and always knows that her soul will guide her to the next step, she trusts her connection to the Universe and to the self-healing process that is ongoing for her.

She’s learned the language of her own soul and communicates with ease.

She’s intuitive, courageous, trusting.

She feels powerful in her connection to all.

She is compassionate with herself.

She has healthy boundaries.  

She gives to herself first and spends time nurturing her energy and soul.

She understands the value of self-care in order to accomplish anything else in her life with ease and joy.  

She feels excited and energized about her interactions and by her actions.

Together I know we can make these desires a reality. Having access to your soul’s wisdom gives you all the support you will ever need, for a whole life, for the rest of your life.

Together we can release anything that blocks you from experiencing your inner joy. 

Lots of love, Paula.


Start here….with a Soul’s Wisdom Consultation

Let’s jump on the phone for a free 15-minute conversation that will allow us to connect around your desires and the work I offer. We’ll explore the challenges keeping you stuck, so we can get you on the path back home to yourself.  Any questions, feel free to email me at


 Spiritual Coaching2
Soul’s Wisdom Program

Are you ready to dive deep to find your peace and joy, and truly embody your soul?

You have the ability to connect to the Divine within, that is so wise, and can provide all the guidance you need.
Connect to your inner guidance and bring that wisdom into your daily life and work.
Take a journey to be both the grounded and spiritual woman you truly are.

I’d love to lead you on this 6 month journey of connection, power, trust and action!

• Learn how to connect and listen to your heart & soul.
• Find out how your soul speaks to you personally.
• Learn to release fears and emotions weighing your body and soul down.
• Find guidance for personal and business questions.
• Learn to create simple rituals to infuse your life with spiritual connection and miracles.

• Feel clear, grounded and light.


Learn More & Apply Here




 Energetic Self Care3

Reiki – Energy Healing Session

Relax, release and recharge with a distance energy session.  Each session is personalized to balance your chakras and meet you wherever you are on your path.  Reiki healing sessions leave you rejuvenated, at peace, feeling light and clear.



Email for more details:









Retreats3Events & Retreats

Sister, none of us can do it on our own. It’s time to receive and to play. One of my favorite ways to play is by traveling and by connecting to other women so we can all share our fears, support each others dreams, acknowledge our power and nurture our souls. I believe when we remove ourselves from our daily routines we create an opening to see the world with new eyes and listen to our soul with fresh ears. I believe nature and beautiful sacred spaces facilitates our healing.

Whether you’re new to retreats or love to travel around the world, I invite you to explore the in-person events below.


Stay tuned for upcoming retreats






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to learn more and apply to my programs.

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