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Rachel, NJ

Rachel, NJ

“After one session with Paula, I was more relaxed and peaceful.  She taught me a secret to being your own healer.  Yes, having support is always awesome and it is a personal love of mine.  But it’s also great to have a super easy technique that you can use anywhere, anytime to create whatever you need just by listening to your body. I had always heard people talk about listening to what your body had to say, but I never really got what they meant until working with Paula.

It’s a definite secret of the universe that every person  needs to have in their back pocket, especially when you’re up to a lot and playing a big game!”

~Rachel • NJ



“Before working with Paula, I felt disconnected, caught in confusion and on a constant cycle of grasping and pushing. Now, I am living a life full of love, trust, ease and joy, from the inside out. I am more present, calm and in my flow. Paula helped me uncover many layers, release difficult emotions and beliefs that were no longer serving me. I now practice daily, consistent rituals that help me get grounded throughout the day and live my life intentionally. Plus, I have a deep internal stability in a world that is always changing and the ability to transition through change in a different way.”

~Megan Roop • Denver, Colorado


Mette 2 “I have loved my sessions with Paula! She made me feel seen, heard and taken care of, and she  always asked the right questions. Her follow up between sessions have been great; she’s always there  for you. She has helped me unlock a lot of doors and to recognize quite a few outgrown patterns and  beliefs I’ve carried around for a long time, both about myself and about others. I’ve released  emotional blocks and I’ve started to give myself more inner space and time to connect with myself  and with the beautiful world around me. I’ve got clarity around so many things and I feel so much  more in sync with myself. She really turned things around for me, being a much needed game changer, for which I am forever grateful.

~ Mette Semb-Lund • Norway


Jenn V

Jenn V, New York NY


“I have increased trust in myself, my heart, and the universe.  I have given myself permission to listen to my heart and to take a step back from everyday life to not only reflect on what makes me happy, but take action to find happiness in this moment and my future.   I’ve given myself permission to be me and to take the time to enjoy who I am…

As a result of our work, I’ve had the courage to resign from my job that brought me much stress and unhappiness, and have given myself the time to focus my energy to find my true calling. I learned a great deal about fear, where it stems from and how to channel my energy to work past it.  I now feel like I understand my relationship better with fear so that I can walk right through it with a stronger spirit.”

~Jenn V • New York, NY


Alyssa Millman, FL

Alyssa Millman, FL


“I’m checking in, noticing, and working with blockages when they pop up.  It’s helping.  a LOT.  I can breathe deeper.  I’ve been in less pain.  My thoughts are clearer.  It’s made meditating, and my ability to stay focused easier. I can’t thank you enough.  Honestly.  Focusing on these simple things has been monumental in healing and moving forward. I’m in a completely different place than I was when we talked…less than a week ago!! :)

~Alyssa Millman • FL



“It is such an honor to have the opportunity to be fully present with others that are so open and vulnerable. It gave us all permission to open up and be ourselves. It felt like such a safe, supportive environment that was full of compassion. I was on the path of practicing much of what the course offered, but was still having days where I felt overwhelmed with everything I was doing.

After the program, I have a greater sense of awareness of my thoughts and emotions. I’m feeling more calm and in control which makes me “lighter” towards myself and others.”
~ Lynda D’Amico • Jersey City, NJ



“Paula provided a safe space by keeping the conversation light but our work and her questions very real. The space she holds provided me immediate clarity and release. She’s got a serious gift.”
– Samantha Caplan • CA



“Before working with Paula, I was paralyzed by fear. I was stuck, emotionally and physically, and needed a breakthrough. Working with Paula helped clear blocks that I had, on an energetic level, and helped me see how these energy blocks affected my physical and emotional health. My confidence is greatly improved. Paula created a safe place for me to explore my healing abilities that I denied for so long. I am more connected to my work, family and my world around me.”
– JoAnne Romanelli • Smithtown, NY


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