“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Sister, do you feel that life happens to you or that you create the life you desire?

It’s time to begin accessing the wisdom that you have within, it’s your birthright as a spiritual being. It’s time to trust that wisdom to create the life you dream of, the life you sense can be yours.

When you trust yourself and trust life to take care of you there is no dream that feels to big, too hard, too impossible. Your inner guidance will show you each step you need to take, and your trust will help you take the leap of faith required to get you to your calling.

You have the ability to connect to your heart, to the Divine within, that is so wise and can lead you. It’s time to take the journey into learning who you truly are and trusting that you are a powerful creator. It’s time to feel supported and loved. It’s time to receive all the blessings that life wants to shower you with.  It’s time to learn how the Universe really works and how you can work with it.




I want to invite you to explore this work with me. If you feel that you are not thriving, if you are not experiencing the joy you know is possible, if you want to trust your inner wisdom more I would love to support you on your journey, sister.  

Before offering this work I took time to reflect on the whys.
Why the program would support you? Why this calling to share this work with you?   
Here is what poured out of me as answers to these questions….

  • Because it’s time to stop giving to ourselves last. It’s time to fiercely commit to receiving so we can give to ourselves and the world the way we deeply desire.  Together we can create space for a committed journey, a set amount of time for exploring and prioritizing your needs, so you see real and lasting transformation once and for all.
  • Because healing any struggle is a process but it can be an enjoyable process. I want to do this work with you to uncover the root case, the layers of healing and letting go, and the other areas of your life connected to the healing you desire.  I want to support you in doing this with ease and love.
  • To do the work with you until you can listen easily on your own to your body, and soul. To teach you through practice and experience the technique and tools to truly listen and take action.
  • To truly see you and know you, so we can go deeper, and so you can feel fully held.
  • To teach you to connect to spiritual guidance. To learn how to deepen that connection with ease, and grow to trust in the spiritual guides watching over you and your loved ones. So that you feel how your soul is connected to a greater source of energy you can tap into whenever you want, feeling that you are held, loved, and safe.

If any of these speak to you it may be time to make a fierce commitment to your desires and joy.  I’m ready to commit to your healing, to show up fully, to guide you, to be here for you consistently listening, channeling love and healing so that you can move steadily and gracefully forward on your journey.  



Are you ready to be supported, sister? 

The six month program I’ve created offers you powerful and steady support in a holistic way,

with support from me and from the angels. 

Included in the Soul’s Wisdom Six Month Program:

  • Initial Soul’s Wisdom session (75 mins, $150) to experience the work together and see if this work is aligned for you. (If you commit to the six month program the initial session fee is applied to the program.)
  • Two Soul’s Wisdom sessions each month, for six months. Scheduled in advance every other week. (12 sessions)
  • Monthly personalized Messages from LOVE-  Channeled messages from the angels to you. They are very loving, and help to affirm if you’re on the right path or to guide you. They help strengthen your faith and serve as a reminder that you have spiritual support you can call on.  (6 messages)
  • One reiki / energy session during the six months to support your integration of the work and to help you let go and relax. 
  • Email support in between sessions as needed – we check in via email each week so you can receive support if anything is feeling challenging. I don’t want you to feel like you are on your own in between our calls. This also allows us to stay in touch so we can dive in to the deeper work during our sessions.


It is such an honor to have the opportunity to connect with you. Know that your joy is the light that this world needs. Whether you receive support from me or another, please know that I’m sending you love and that I trust in your wisdom.

If you’d like to receive support from me with your personal journey please feel free to email me so we can schedule your initial session or feel free to email with any questions.

Lots of love,

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Apply via email at Paula@paulaorozco.com




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