Messages from LOVE

Messages from LOVE

We all have the ability to connect to our inner guidance as well as the guidance of our spiritual support teams, it can come in the form of synchronicity during our day, from loved ones who’ve passed, or through communicating with angels and other spiritual guides.

My life’s path has lead me to an unexpected place of hearing messages from many guides.  I’ve spent over 15 years learning to trust my inner guidance, learning to distinguish between thoughts and intuition, learning what my inner voice sounds like, and what divine guidance feels like within me. I’ve learned to trust the process of simply asking and listening.  

Most recently, the messages I hear, write, and share are from LOVE – a group of angels who speak through one angel, the Archangel Raphael, regarded by many as the angel of healing.

These messages are not denominational, they are universal. They are truths that can be supportive at any point in life, for anyone and everyone. I share these with you as an answer to a personal calling and with a deep desire that they will support you on your journey in life. 

Love and light,

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Dear Ones,

Wellness is choosing joy. When you allow all things to go well, to flow, to feel good, you experience wellness. When you consciously or subconsciously choose what does not make you feel well you begin to feel dis-ease. The longer you are not at ease the harder it becomes to find your way back to wellness.

Your bodies are sensitive vessels. They are designed this way in order to sense the subtle, the organic, the unseen. Your bodies are powerful and sensitive. Your bodies require gentleness, rest, nurturing.

Choose environments, foods, products, people which allow you and your body to feel good. You can sense what is good if you slow down and check in with your body before interacting with or consuming any thing.

Choose gentleness.

Choose joy.

Choose wellness.

Know you are safe. Know you are loved.





Dear Ones,

Trust in your strength. Trust in your ability to reach your dreams. Trust in one another.

Reach out for support. Support is not a weakness. Asking for support is courageous, and shows your wisdom and strength.

Trust life and trust yourself.

Trust your inner knowing.

Trust your feelings.

Trust your intuition.

There will be a time where your strength is tested. See that time as an opportunity to grow in strength and confidence, to grow your dreams.  Do not allow your thoughts or other’s words to make you forget your power. Know who you are. You are a child of God and the Universe.

You and the stars are one in the same.

Know your power. Know your strength.

Know you are safe. Know you are loved.




Dear Ones,

Life does not have to feel so heavy. Notice what you take on and put upon yourself.

What are the responsibilities you must attend to?

What are the responsibilities you choose to believe are yours but do not need to be?

What are the worries and fears you choose to have weigh you down?


It’s time to let go and step into lightness.

Step into the light of play and gratitude for the blessings. Step into the light of your truth. 

The truth is loving. Anything that feels unlike love can be released, for it is not your truth.

Choose to be here and now. In your lightness, and your truth.

Free the rest. Free yourself.

Know you are supported. Know you are safe. Know you are loved.




Dear Ones,

There is light within all. The light must be accessed through body, heart, and soul.

There is light which surrounds you, which you can access through body, heart, soul.

When you access your light you are no longer a slave to your fearful thoughts. You become who you truly are.

Like the stars, you shine brightly. Look for ways to bring more light into our world.

The light can feel dim at times. It is during these times you must call upon support. Pray. Open up to friends and leaders whose light shines bright.

Allow your becoming to be simple.


Let go of all the distractions that are not necessary. Be with yourself. Be with your light.

Be still and listen to your body, heart, soul.

Know you are safe. Know you are loved.