Energy Healing

It’s wonderful to nurture ourselves, and it’s also lovely to receive and have someone else nurture our energy. Someone to help us relax, release and recharge. That is what I’m here for sister. 

Stop pushing, struggling or trying to do it all on your own.

Receive a distance energy session that is personalized to your needs at this moment. The session can include reiki, chakra clearing, cord cutting or psychic surgery.  Each session is unique and allows you to receive support in releasing blocked energy, or old patterns, or to simply boost your energy so you can feel light and clear.

As an energy worker for over a decade, I have seen all the amazing benefits that even one session can bring, including deep meditative states, clarity, inspiration, feeling deeply held, letting go of old beliefs, or simply the best restful sleep you’ve had in ages.

Learn more about the different types of energy work below and see which one is calling to you now. You can also feel free to email me at Paula@paulaorozco.com with any questions.


Each session is 1 hour long and is done as a distance session…it’s energy work so we do not need to be physically together. {Pretty neat, right?}  A distance session means we jump on the phone to connect before we start and make sure you’re comfortable and ready, we do the session, and speak again at the end about how the session felt for you, and what I noticed during the session in your energy.

Types of Sessions

Reikia Japanese art which promotes relaxation and well-being. During a treatment people usually report feeling warmth, tingling and a sense of peace and well being. With Reiki we can reach a naturally healthy quality of life, through the removal of toxins and imbalances in the body. 

Chakra Balancing Using Reiki and other energy techniques to clear each chakra of any excess or unwanted energy so that you can experience the calm, clear, grounded state of well-being that comes from having each chakra open and balanced.

Cord CuttingWhen we enter into relationship with a person, a business, or a contract of all sorts, an energetic thread (cord) is created. When these relationships shift or end we often feel energetic ties that are no longer desired. This technique allows you to release those energetic cords so you are free to move forward without these attachments.


      To receive a distance session, please email me at Paula@paulaorozco.com.

Love and light,

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