Update from the heart


Dear beautiful souls, Today I felt a deep desire to really connect with each of you. Connection is a very important energy in my life. Connection to my body, to soul, to Mother Earth, to others. I felt a deep desire to share with you the joys, the tough lessons, and what’s become super clear. My desire to connect also stems from this knowing: we all experience lessons that are…

Will you squeeze all the life out of life?


I am a passionate, fiery, Sagittarius. I’ve always desired to squeeze all the life out of life. For me, living fully is being guided by my heart and soul’s desires, trusting them, and embodying them, by feeling the freedom to act on them in every moment.

How to be in your body

Meditating in Costa Rica

I had a great day with a client recently, where we really explored how to fully be in our bodies. It sounds kind of odd to say..where else would we be besides our bodies? The truth is many of us spend a great deal of time in our mind, and wherever your thoughts and energy go, you go. Your energy travels when you think of another space, of something in…

Time Travel in the Name of Self-love

Nurturing my energy

There is an epidemic that I notice over and over again in life and in my work with clients. It’s the epidemic of not feeling good enough, and not being able to love ourselves fully. It’s such a widespread issue for women that you can find endless articles on practicing self-love. Everything from increasing your self-care, to mantras, self-forgiveness, etc. Many of these are helpful. However, I believe that to…

Doing the inner work & feeling guidance

Sisterhood Soiree, San Francisco

Can you believe it’s July! Every year seems to go by faster, and seems to come with a longer, bigger to do list. With time moving so quickly it can be easy to fall into overwhelm, or struggle to complete life’s external demands. As spiritual beings there are also endless requests from our heart and soul to address. Doing this inner work can often take back seat to the daily…

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