About Paula

Paula is a spiritual teacher and guide. She combines over 15 years of experience in the fields of psychology, research, coaching, energywork, and spiritual teaching. Her calming presence and intuitive guidance helps her clients understand what inner resources they have available to them, and how nurturing their energy facilitates the inner transformation that allows them to live fully beyond their fears.

She has led retreats around the world, including Costa Rica, Peru, and California.  In her virtual and in-person retreats, Paula leads groups of ambitious, aware women through empowering and healing journeys. During the retreats women learn tools to manage, protect and increase their energy so they experience stability, vitality and presence for their everyday lives. Each retreat is a unique experience that includes the power of sisterhood, play, self-care, and experiencing deep transformation.

Paula lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be contacted atPaula@paulaorozco.com.


I am here to…

…support you in learning grounded, simple ways to connect to your body, soul, and heart.

…guide you in understanding who you are at a soul and energetic level, and how truly powerful you are.

…teach you how to work with your energy so you don’t feel drained by work, stress, or sensitivity.

…support you so you have the vibrant energy necessary to contribute to our world.

…guide you in connecting with your spiritual self so you can tap into your wisdom, intuition, and desires.

…support you in letting go of blocks to live fully beyond your fears.

…lead you in accessing the childlike fun and trust that we are all capable of, and meant to experience.


A little bit more about me….

I was born in Colombia, South America.

I am a lover of learning, travel, and cultures.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, and wife.

I find peace in nature, at my altar, and in the smiles of my nieces and nephew.

I am a master of energy, and love grounding healing wisdom into the everyday world.

I am a student and explorer…. of both the inner and outer worlds.

I believe in magic and miracles everyday.

I love to dance and sing…I’m better at the dancing part.

I am told, most often, that I have a calming presence.

I lead from my intuition, heart and connection to Divine guidance.

I am most alive when I’m teaching and holding space for women…


Love and light,

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If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work please schedule your free consultation here.
You can also contact me at paula@paulaorozco.com or connect with me on Facebook.