Update from the heart

Dear beautiful souls,

Today I felt a deep desire to really connect with each of you. Connection is a very important energy in my life. Connection to my body, to soul, to Mother Earth, to others. I felt a deep desire to share with you the joys, the tough lessons, and what’s become super clear.

My desire to connect also stems from this knowing: we all experience lessons that are universal, and when we open up to share we support others as well.

I’ll go first. I’ll begin with the joys, because it’s important to acknowledge them and celebrate them.  At home, I’m loving the stability of feeling settled into California, and the peace that comes from being in an area that feels like the home you’ve been looking for. I’m also continuously growing my connection to my amazing husband, to our dreams, and to our new community and land. Hiking and laying on fields of grass is one of my new favorite ways to connect, hand over all my worries and feel held. Hallelujah for dreams coming true!

Then there are dreams that are part of a longer process, the ones that bring big lessons. Lately that process for me has been around receiving…receiving support, receiving spiritual guidance, receiving love, and receiving more work with the trust in myself to hold it all. I began with acknowledging that in order to reach my big dreams I had to learn to receive bigger. But in order to receive all of this I’ve had to make space, so I’ve let go as well. Goddess Kali has lived on my altar for 3 months now, bringing her energy of endings and beginnings. I’ve released old ideas about needing to do it alone. I’ve released old ideas about not being able to give as much time and love as I want to those around me. I’ve released ideas of lack, and I’ve released tons of worry. I’ve recognized how much I give to worry and how little it gives back. In letting go of worry I received a whole new level of good pouring into my life. Without as much worry, there is more space to do, to dream, to affirm our desires, and to call in what you truly want.

This expansion has been life changing in so many ways. Work, schedules, finances, time management, communication and relationships have all shifted…it has not felt easy right away. I’ve had to expand my energy to be able to hold it with grace. I’ve had to stretch in every way, including more daily physical stretching exercises to let things move within me.

I’ve had to acknowledge the truth in my heart that the Universe is always trying to send good my way and if I can receive it then I can expand further to hold it all.

In the space that worry used to occupy I now feel safety, positive expectation and clarity. I feel clearer on my why in the world and clear on my biggest goal: to enjoy this one life. I’m also clear that one of the best ways to enjoy it is to live my mission to guide women to their soul’s wisdom. At the core of this mission there is this one belief: Having access to your soul’s wisdom gives you all the support you will ever need, for your whole life, for the rest of your life.

I’m clear that the woman who trusts herself always knows that her soul will guide her to the next step, she trusts her connection to the Universe and to the self-healing process that is ongoing for her. She’s learned the language of her own soul and communicates with ease. She feels joyous! She hears with clarity what rhythm and cycle her body is in, what her body desires, what her heart longs for, and what steps she can begin taking to provide all of these.

I’m serving this vision by focusing on working one-on-one with women ready to step into this soul energy. The women I get to work with are not only my clients, they are my biggest teachers, because women’s souls are so wise, women’s hearts are so big, and women’s dreams are so powerful and nurturing.

Arriving at all this clarity has brought me so much peace. It’s been a beautiful reminder that if we can really be present to the shifts, the process and the gifts from the Universe, we can receive so much more than we ever dreamed possible.

Aah, it feels so nice to share all these lessons, dreams and desires with you. Sharing our dreams makes them more tangible and real. Now I’d love to hear from each of you! I truly mean it when I say I don’t want this to be a one way street. I want to hear your soul’s desires, your struggles, and your celebrations…all of it. :)  It’s your turn. Share below. Do it for all of us!

Thank you for being here, for giving of your time to connect with me in this space.

Lots of love,

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