Will you squeeze all the life out of life?

I am a passionate, fiery, Sagittarius. I’ve always desired to squeeze all the life out of life.
For me, living fully is being guided by my heart and soul’s desires, trusting them, and embodying them, by feeling the freedom to act on them in every moment.

This year I felt myself getting closer and closer to living fully, especially in my work, and yet I recognize that I’m still not living as fully as I’d like to. You see, living fully does not need to be about playing big or living big. It’s not always about starting a business, taking that international dream vacation, it’s not even about feeling more and more joy. It’s about showing up fully for life in all its many forms- showing up for the joy, the pain, the intensity, the fear, the routines, the lessons. Living fully is in the everyday, in the moment to moment. The small decisions that truly shape our life. It’s in choosing the life we truly desire, that is aligned with who we are and what we value.  It’s in all of our choices.


* Will you courageously choose to run those 20 minutes instead of sitting to watch that TV show that isn’t really that funny and just helps you numb out?

* Will you be kind to your husband, and allow for love, even though all you really want to do is give an angry voice to your frustration?

* Will you stop putting off that call to a friend and have that slightly scary conversation that may be uncomfortable, but also healing, loving, and heart-expanding?

* Will you take a break when you need to eat or rest, because you know it will help you feel nurtured and will give you energy for one more step towards your desires?

* Will you make some space in your week to keep dreaming? OR will you tell yourself that where you are is good enough because you’re too busy, too tired or too comfortable there?

* Will you say yes more often?

* Will you choose to go out of the way – drive the extra 10 minutes, rent the zip car, walk the 2 miles- to do what sounds exciting, to go to that party or take that hike with amazing views, or to visit family more often?

* Will you choose what makes you feel good long-term?

I know many of us have already been playing big, living more, loving more, laughing more. Now, I’m making a promise to myself to choose consciously and start living fully in all the in-between spaces, which have a lot of life to give. Each moment is all we have. Honor each one. Next month, next year, 5 year plans, none of those are guaranteed. Life is happening right now.

Will you join me?
What do you need, right now, to squeeze more out of life in this moment?

With love,


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