How to be in your body

I had a great day with a client recently, where we really explored how to fully be in our bodies. It sounds kind of odd to say..where else would we be besides our bodies?

The truth is many of us spend a great deal of time in our mind, and wherever your thoughts and energy go, you go. Your energy travels when you think of another space, of something in the future, or of something in the past. You’re probably very used to being elsewhere, but here’s why it’s so important to practice being more fully in your body…and how you can begin practicing…

You can’t listen to the subtle messages your body is trying to give you. You can’t prevent illness, or listen to what your body needs- whether it’s more rest, water, a checkup, or a conversation to process energy.  Being in your body is also the first step to healing emotional issues or blocks in your life. All my clients know that addressing energetic blocks starts by finding it in the body. It’s a powerful and simple emotional release technique based on the knowledge that your body responds to everything in your life. Your body will share with you whatever you need to know. If you’re not in your body, the emotions will continue to build up and eventually feel overwhelming.

You’re more likely to take on energy that is not yours. Think of your body as a container…a container of soul or life energy. When your energy leaves that container there is space for another energy to come into it.  It can be the energy of a crowded city, an emotionally toxic subway car, or simply someone around you who is really angry. When you’re in your body the container is full, and you’re aware of energies affecting you. You have greater control of what you choose to let in or not.

You drain your energy. When you are out of your body part of you is unconsciously keeping the physical body going, moving, doing whatever you’re doing, and part of you is doing something totally different, like dreaming, worrying or remembering. Your soul energy is multi-tasking. This type of disconnect takes a lot more energy than if you were solely in your body during the day. So, at the end of the day you’re more likely to feel depleted, totally drained from what was otherwise a pretty normal day. Once you learn to be in your body and feel present you’re energy reserves go up as well.

You become careless. You’re not attentive and from that space you make mistakes or poor decisions. This can cost you a lot of time, energy and heartache.

I could go on and on with the benefits of being embodied..{like how it helps your confidence and sex life}. But I won’t make this email super long, I’ll just tell you to join my mailing list before you miss an upcoming opportunity to learn more about energetic self-care. Until then here are some tips to help you be in your body.

How to be in your body:

1) Check in throughout the day to notice where your thoughts are. Use a timer, a sticky note or something else to remind you to check in. Bring your attention back to your body, to the present.
{psst…this also works wonders if you’re feeling sad or anxious}

2) Get physical. Fitness isn’t the only benefit to moving your body, it also helps connect your energy and soul to your physical self. We become aware of what our body is doing as we carefully and consciously move it.

3) Feel into your body. Feel your muscles working, pay attention to how your stomach feels after a meal, notice how your feet feel when you’re walking, notice how your lungs expand when you breathe, notice where and how you hold feelings in your body. Not only will this keep you in your body, but it will make life fuller and more sensual.

As always, if you want to explore this topic a little deeper or you want personal support, you can schedule a time to speak with me here.

Cheers to a life fully embodied!

With love,


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