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Can you believe it’s July!
Every year seems to go by faster, and seems to come with a longer, bigger to do list.

With time moving so quickly it can be easy to fall into overwhelm, or struggle to complete life’s external demands. As spiritual beings there are also endless requests from our heart and soul to address. Doing this inner work can often take back seat to the daily tasks staring us in the face, but this inner work is actually crucial in being able to get it all done with ease.
Your inner world informs every action you take. Without the inner clarity, your outer world can become needlessly hard and create struggle.

So what exactly is ‘inner work’?

Inner work is spiritual self-care, and spiritual exploration. It’s giving time, attention, love or sacred space to all your internal needs, in order to heal, grow and feel inner guidance.

Your inner guidance can come to you as subtle thoughts and feelings that let you know you’re holding on to emotions that need to be released, avoiding a relationship that needs attention, or not seeing a situation accurately. It can look like that feeling of guilt that is weighing you down, the repeating thought to call a friend you’ve been missing, that unexpected desire to move to another country, or the little voice that tells you there is an easier way to get a project done.

Doing the inner work requires you to pause, listen, reflect and put your long to do lists aside briefly. It may seem counter-intuitive to take time to be when you have so much to do, but believe me when I say that inner work is called ‘work’ for a reason. It goes beyond being and listening, to actually doing the work of letting go, and transforming your inner landscape.
It takes courage but it pays off. Going within will help you access and transform your will, intentions, desires and emotions, which are always creating your experience of life. You’re much better off creating consciously instead of unconsciously.

Ignore the fear telling you there is no time to go within.
The clarity, lightness and acceptance you’ll find will help you prioritize, be in the flow of life, and find easier ways to get it done. Your external workload will feel lighter, exciting, inspired, and focused.

Here’s how to go about doing the inner work. 
1) Make time regularly to be alone, listen and reflect. Leave space for this in your day, add it to your calendar. If being alone in stillness is challenging for you, try taking a walk in nature and noticing what thoughts or feelings you have as you walk along.

2) Write down all the thoughts, emotions or intuitive hits that arise. Notice the reminders for things undone, heavy emotions, or unaddressed desires. Be with them for a few minutes once they’re all on paper.

3) Decide what inner action you can take right now. This is where we do the inner work. The beauty of inner work is that you don’t have to wait for an external conditions to get it done. It only requires your willingness to make a shift.  Summon up that courage to take action right away.  Is there something you can you let go of?  Can you forgive yourself for something done or undone? Can you envision what you desire in order to move one step closer to it? Can you choose a new way to feel? Can you drop that project that no longer feels right? Can you pray for spiritual help?

4) Bring it to the outer world. Now that your inner world is clear of clutter, organized and feeling powerfully intentional, decide how that will reflect in your outer world actions. Do you need to wrap up a conversation with a loved one? Do you have a request to make of colleague? Do you need to set a reminder on your calendar to take a break or exercise? Do you need to explore the possibility of a new home? Do you need to reach out to a friend for help?

Make life easier, connect to your inner guidance, do the inner work.  We are both physical and spiritual beings, without one the other suffers. Both inner and outer work are needed to thrive. This is your invitation to feel the wholeness of who you are and how that wholeness can guide your life.

I’d love to hear your experience of doing the inner work and how life unfolds for you, share your comments below. You can also reach me for support in doing your inner work by scheduling a time to chat here.

Lots of love,


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