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I’m Paula, women’s spiritual teacher and guide

You’re presence here, in my virtual home, means you’re likely a caring woman with big dreams, for yourself and for the world.  These are beautiful qualities in you. Yet, these qualities combined with the intense pressure you feel from the long to-do list, social demands, comparison, self-judgment, and fear are a recipe for exhaustion and feeling disconnected from your soul’s wisdom.  When you are living only guided by thought, not knowing how to access and trust your inner guidance, you struggle, or survive at best.

My deep desire is for you to thrive as a woman!

I’m here to guide you back to yourself. To support you, so you can increase your self-care,  nurture your energy, and use your inner guidance to create the life you desire.

So I want to ask you, dear sister, are you clear on your heart’s desires?

Do you know what your intuition sounds like?

Are you aware of your energy and how to nurture it?

Have you learned to live from your heart and intuition instead of your worry-filled mind?

Can you trust your desires and dreams enough to take action?

There was a time when I would’ve answered no to all these questions.  Over the past 15 years I’ve learned how to listen, connect, trust and take heart-led action. I’d love to support you in doing the same.

As a woman and spiritual teacher I often speak to women who are paralyzed by old patterns and fear, even when they hear the whispers or calling to take a certain path. I hear about the sensitivity each woman is awakening to and how it can sometimes feel like a burden. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed by taking on other people’s ‘stuff’, or feeling intense emotions getting in the way of daily tasks.

I want to tell you that your sensitivity and empathy are gifts. You can nurture them and allow them to become your biggest strengths.  You are a powerful being. You don’t need to shut down, close off your heart, or feel afraid.

As an energy healer  I believe you must understand how your energy is depleted, drained or given away. You must understand how to create energetic boundaries in your life, in your relationships, and in your work.  Once you do, you will understand how to thrive!

You will have the energy and clarity to make your dreams a reality or take your work or business to the next level. You will be able to do more with ease, and hold more space for others and for yourself. Sister, it really can be simple and fun! I know you sense it.

It takes so much courage to step into the world of the soul and trust that it is a real, practical, and powerful path available to you. It takes faith to understand that pushing to make things happen is hurting you more than  helping you. It takes strength to choose a new path with commitment and devotion. But I’m here to tell you that it is so worth it and that I’m here to support you.

I’m here for you. To show you how your wisdom and brilliance can combine to create the shifts you desire. To show you how to use your emotions as an internal compass. To teach you how to distinguish your inner voice from worrisome thoughts. To teach you about your body’s energy and how to use it as a powerful ally, and a gateway to your soul. To show you how to nurture your feminine, intuitive nature as you find your way to soul-full living.

 With love and light,

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